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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Q&A with Sheena Rose, Gypsy Love & Leo Frappier

My first menage-a-talk! Bay Area's fabulous performers Sheena Rose, Gypsy Love and producer Leo Frappier are in the Christmas spirit with a new song, "Just Can't Wait"! Who said there's a war on Christmas? These three wise people tell us otherwise in my exclusive interview. Again, kudos to Barbara Sobel for arranging our awesome foursome!

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen: Hey, gang! How was your Thanksgiving/Hanukkah holiday?
Sheena Rose: It was wonderful, I had a chance to finally meet, and share my niece's first Thanksgiving with her. My dad and brother made a deep fried Cajun turkey, and that was a first for me. We all have busy schedules, so getting to spend Thanksgiving with them was very special.
Gypsy Love: Wonderful, thank you!
Leo Frappier: Great, thank you. It was simple and quiet which was a nice respite. Gets us ready for the mad rush of the December holidays!

DBB: You have a Christmas single out, "Just Can't Wait (til Christmas)." Is it true that you just can't wait?
GL: Yes! It's one of my favorite times of the year. Family, friends, and lots of performing.
LF: We truly love Christmas, the lights, the tree, the presents. It can get stressful mid-month getting everything done, but in the end it’s always lovely
SR: Yes. I love Christmas songs, movies, presents, lights, and decorations. Christmas truly is a special time of the year where you get to celebrate with family, and friends. 

DBB: I love listening to this number! It has a sort of rockabilly flavor to it, I thought. How did this all come about and how long ago was this song written? Recorded?
SR: It's a cover of a really obscure 2005 song by RuPaul. I always loved the song and thought it would be a great addition in my shows and something for the fans. I really love the way it turned out, I put my own stamp on it while still keeping it pretty much true to the original.
LF: Sheena had this great idea to cover this campy RuPaul song from a few years back. She gave it her own spin. She asked about the gospel backing vocalists and I told her that Gypsy Love has the power and soul to track all the parts and create a mini-gospel choir. And Gypsy nailed it!
GL: I was invited to be a featured vocalist by Sheena Rose and Leo Frappier. Leo and I have collaborated on many successful singles, like "Beautiful Thing", "Gypsy of Love", and "Wish", and I've seen Sheena perform around San Francisco and have always liked her style. When they approached me to do vocals on this Christmas track, I couldn't resist.

DBB: Tell us, who live in other parts of the country and throughout the world, what Christmas in San Francisco is like.
GL: Christmas in San Francisco is sparkly, gay, and full of play!
SR: Union Square is the center of all things Christmas in San Francisco, From the Holiday Ice Skating Ring, to the Huge Christmas tree in the center of Union Square overlooking the many fancy holiday window displays, and fancily decorated hotel lobbies. My favorite window display however has to be the SF SPCA holiday windows at Macy's. They feature adoptable shelter cats and dogs that will just melt your heart.
LF: Well firstly it does get cold, and you have to bundle up to stay warm outside. But it doesn’t snow, or at least very very rarely. The downtown Union Square area is already lit up with lights and trees. They go all out!

DBB: Any live gigs set up for the holiday season? And will you be singing your new Christmas song at them?
SR: Yes, you can see me perform my new Christmas song at Aunt Charlies Lounge on December 7th, 11th, 13th, and the 21st.
GL: This time of year is always filled with the most private party performances. Holiday parties are a blast. I'm especially excited to perform for all the major SF Pride sponsors at their annual Holiday event December 17th. As a Main Stage headliner at this year's SF Pride, I look forward to celebrating the holidays with a performance that honors the spirit of SF Pride and the philanthropic warmth of our city.

DBB: How do you plan to spend Christmas?
LF: Well, we’re starting to decorate the house, and will stay local and just send out some Christmas cards to those out of town.
SR: I'll be here in San Francisco with my husband and family. I'll be eating great food, and getting lots of great presents, because I'm spoiled that way.
GL: Family, friends, food, and fun times shimmying with my fellow love makers.

DBB: What's your personal favorite holiday song or carol ~ ~ outside of "Just Can't Wait"?
GL: Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas." Gets me shaking and shimmying every time.
SR: "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt is the quintessential showgirls' Christmas song.
LF: Well I do confess to love both of the Glee Christmas albums. Festive, always.

DBB: Besides chestnuts roasting on an open fire, what helps to make your season bright?
LF: A turkey and some mistletoe
SR: Family, friends, and my fans.
GL: Making Love.

DBB: Any New Year's Resolutions for 2014?
SR: I have a few upcoming song projects next year. I also plan to perform more outside of San Francisco, and hopefully around the country to promote my other two singles "Make Me Over" and "Queen of Clubs"
GL: I don't believe in taking something away at the New Year. I believe in adding something. This year, I plan to continue the love with new Dance music collaborations, and also experiment with a ballad that's been brewing in my heart.
LF: To keep on making some great music for everybody

DBB: What do you like to add to your egg nog?
LF: I used to like eggnog, but if I go for something like this, it’d be Bailey’s or good brandy.
SR: Brandy, rum, and bourbon. I like it to have a nice kick!
GL: A dash of Love...oh, and Brandy!
DBB: I hope you all enjoy the holiday season. Stay safe, warm, healthy & happy! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
LF: You as well!!
GL: You too!
SR: Happy holidays to all!

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