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Monday, October 21, 2013

Three Divas and The Marble Faun: Links

Interviews fascinate me because lives are so diverse and surprising. There are no cookie-cutter people. I'm bringing over my early Q&As from my "Mother Blog," Leave It to Beaverhausen, here, where I want all my interviews to be accessible. Eventually the rest of my Q&As will emmigrate here as well.

Debby Holiday was my first diva. This was great fun for me, and the interview took place during Pride season in 2012:

Amber Dirks was another sweetheart; it was such a pleasure to interview her as well. Oh my God, all the divas who I've spoken to and long admired have turned out to be so warm and forthcoming:

Carol Hahn is thoughtful and kept it real and truthful. I learned so many things about her that I didn't know before (like her jingles and voice-over work):
And then there's Jerry Torre, The Marble Faun from "Grey Gardens," who kindly shared his fascinating life with us from Grey Gardens and beyond. I was riveted by his conversation, especially what he told me about the Beals, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwell:
Thanks to everyone reading my EXCLUSIVE Q&As here at Blab It to Beaverhausen! There's so much more blab and gab, and dish and dirt to come. Also, don't forget visit my blog  for the best in on-line infotainment!

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