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Friday, September 20, 2013

Q&A with Up-and-Coming Singer/Songwriter Sensation Jerid Nowell

The latest buzz is that Jerid Nowell (above) is poised to be the next big thing. The alt-rock singer-songwriter packed his bags and moved from Arizona, with his guitar, talent, ambition and a pocketful of dreams, to New York City. He now has an upcoming cd coming out on Bash Records. I learned about Jerid through Barbara Sobel, promoting the rising star's debut recording via Sobel Promotions and who graciously arranged for me to conduct this interview. Dance remixes of Jerid's first single, "Tell Me What You Want," seem to be on the menu at the moment. "Jerid has performed at several venues including the famous Bowery Poetry Club and Greenlight Tavern. His future aspirations of selling platinum records, winning Grammies, and releasing an EP and a full length album are attainable goals. As he exposes his talent to the world, Jerid Nowell remains determined to leave his mark, so keep your ears open," says his official professional bio. No doubt he will achieve it all. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to talk with Jerid and I'm sure you'll want to check out his YouTube channel at the end of our interview, and to listen to and download "Tell Me What You Want."

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen: Hi, Jerid. Thank you so much for doing this interview for all my international pop and dance-music people who read Leave It to Beaverhausen. And thanks to Barbara Sobel and Sobel Promotions for arranging this.
Jerid Nowell: Absolutely, it's my pleasure and thank you for having me.

DBB: You have a hot new single out now, "Tell Me What You Want," available on iTunes and Amazon. [] Could you tell us something about how this release came to fruition?
JN: Well, actually the executive producer for Bash Records “DGMayne”, who's also producing my entire upcoming EP, had sat me down about a year ago when we first met to go over some of his current productions. The purpose of the meeting was to generally see what the vibe was between the two of us, but what happened next was almost like we were destined to work together. So he goes through about 20 records before he gets to this minute-long clip, which at the time was intended for a Nike commercial. It took me about two minutes after that to create the entire song in my head because I was so inspired by it. The next six months consisted of me begging him for that track so we could turn it into a full-out record. Eventually, he eventually caved in and decided to hear what I had for it, and now it's my single.

DBB: What motivated you, at 22, to pack up and move from Arizona to the Big Apple? 
JN: Oh geez, that's a long list, but I would have to say the main one is the love I have for music. I know it’s been in my blood ever since I can remember, and New York City in my mind has always been this sort of romantic haven for all creative types and I was thrilled to count myself among them. Also the business connections are a little better here than back in Tucson. [Grins.]

DBB: You're now 24 and have a release. Does that make you feel like you're on the fast track to success? It is pretty amazing you've come so far in just 2 years. What do you attribute to your success thus far?
JN: Actually I just turned 26 this week, so maybe I’m not on the fast track to success, haha! But yes, I've been blessed with many events and people in my life over the last two years that have propelled me forward in ways I never would have been able to do on my own and it's largely due to the label Bash Records and the amazing team I have here.

DBB: Who are your music idols and influences?
JN: I would have to say Matt Bellamy (Lead Singer for Muse), Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), Switchfoot, Nickleback, and Ray LaMontagne.

DBB: Please tell us more about your early background in Arizona and how you became a musician and singer in the first place. I understand your mom played guitar. Did she influence you, musically, in any way?
JN: She influenced me in every way possible but I never really understood her smooth jazz playing in the car when she drove me to school every morning, so musically I would say no. Actually, I had my mom’s guitar that was given to her when she was 8, but she never played it so I took it down from the wall one day and immediately starting messing around with it. Though I was only 12, I started by teaching myself Jimmy Eat World songs and then started developing my own songs shortly after I managed to become a halfway decent guitar player.

DBB: Any possibilities of "Tell Me What You Want" dance remixes?
JN: I got some requests, but I'm going leave that up to the label, I'm sure they can make it happen!

DBB: I heard through the grapevine it's going to happen. [Smiles]

DBB: Who cuts your hair? Love the look.
JN: [Laughs] Thank you, it's Alibi 25 Salon in Manhattan, NY. Her name is Siyu Heng.

DBB: How would you describe living in NYC right now?
JN: FAST! Which is exactly what I signed up for so I'm more than satisfied. This city is such a living, breathing "thing" and it's constantly evolving and I love every minute of it. 

DBB: Do you and Bash Records have anything else planned for us that you'd like to tell us about?
JN: We have many things in the works, most of which I would be scolded by the label for telling you at the moment, but I can tell you if you liked "Tell Me What You Want," the EP "OUTBURST" will be released this winter and I think you'll be very happy with it. 

DBB: Great news. Thanks so much, Jerid. Much success! We're rooting for you in Beaverhausenland.
JN: Thanks again for having me, I really appreciate all of the kind words and support!

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