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Monday, September 9, 2013

Gossip Guy

Questions sent to the band Spottiswoode & His Enemies. Expect to hear from dance diva Karin Nagi. And from Dr Frank Spinelli on his memoir, "Pee Shy. ("This is one of those horrific, true stories that Dr. Spinelli so courageously reveals. With raw honesty he makes us understand that monsters do exist and a child's innocence is precious. His story is only one of too many but maybe this one will help open our eyes a little more and shine a light that many chose not to see or believe." ~ Whoopi Goldberg) And many more. I'm just revving up here at Blab It to Beaverhausen! Absolutely do not miss my debut interview here with the amazingly talented diva-comedienne, Marilyn Michaels (below).

A few more links to past interviews you're sure to enjoy. My first two Q&As, with producer/remixer Joel Dickinson and author/music critic Johnny Morgan:

So, have a good time! We're just getting started here & the virtual Gossip Lounge is still under construction! Thanks to those viewers, so far, from the USA (largely), the UK and Serbia! This shit's going global, honeys!

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