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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Hot Remixes for Massive Ego

Sound of the Download: 2014 Remixes

Now you can hear Marc Massive and Empire State Human/Massive Ego's freshly remodeled "Sound of the Download" to kick off the new year in dance music, straight from Sobel Promotions.

I was fortunate to have conducted an exclusive Q&A with Marc last September and it's always a pleasure to hear him and Massive Ego back with something new. Or, well, sort of new, that is. Re-gifted, maybe.

"Sound Of The Download" was previously released on a very limited basis, mostly in the UK, but now it is about to go international with an exclusive remix package featuring work by Matt Pop, Julian Marsh, Joe Gillan, Mike Jolly, Mr.Sharman, Huffnpoof, Part of the Art, Karrades and Paul Rayner.

Matt Pop's and Mike Jolly's pure hiNRG and Julian Marsh's ( and Joe Gillan's upbeat house approaches are brilliant and all the remixers bring their individual talents and re-conceptualizations on this particular pop tune into play for an especially nice reinvention for dancefloors around the world at the top of this new year.

So, thanks to Marc Massive, Massive Ego, Empire State Human, Barbara Sobel and Sobel Promotions and all the above, very talented remixers for their efforts in getting us to celebrate with joy and something uplifting at the start of 2014!

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