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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen Shakes It with Victor Po

Victor Po is a model-turned-vocalist and he has demonstrated his acumen in managing both careers. His new club song, "Shake It" has shaken clubs around the world; it's positively infectious. Sobel Promotions will soon have a plethora of remixers on board to amp up the club value intrinsic in this number. Here is our interview:

Dj Buddy Beaverhausen: Hi, Victor, thank you for joining us at QUEENS OUR CITY radio, and on my Blab It to Beaverhausen blog, both of which will reach an international club-friendly crowd. I also want to thank Barbara Sobel of Queens Our City internet radio and Sobel Promotions for arranging this interview. 
Victor Po: Well, thank you very much for having me here and thanks to Barbara at Sobel Promotions for bringing us together.

DBB: "Shake It!" Great song, very catchy. Getting a lot of attention and I see there are still new remixes to come. How did this all come about for you? [Available through iTunes]
VP: Thank you, it all started after a shoot in LA where I decided that I wanted to give something different to my fans, so eventually I returned home, wrote the song, recorded it and since then everything has been going so well with the reception... by my fans. I'm also very pleased that so many DJ's are as excited by the song as me and I love the creative process of seeing the song transform into different forms much like I was used to in my modeling career. 

DBB: You were previously a model. What is working in that business like? Do you still do any modeling? Best memory, worst memory? 
VP: Oh, my God! I love modeling, it's been a passion of mine since I was very young. Modeling is never easy, at the end of the day it's a job, you need to enjoy it and the process behind it and be able to take direction and absorb as you progress in the industry, but it's a blast to be in front of the lens! I do modeling still, I feel the two fields compliment each other very well. Personally I've been very lucky to have enjoyed wonderful memories in my modeling career and ending up on my first magazine cover was a feeling I can't explain! 

DBB: When did your interest in singing begin? And what were your influences in music growing up? 
VP: [Laughs] I've been singing in the shower ever since I can remember, I love singing and always have. My influences range from Madonna, MJ all the way to Gloria Estefan, though I never try to imitate them in my work, I do draw from my memories as I grew up shaking to them.

DBB: It's rumored you recently got hitched! Would you like to talk to us about married life? Do you think it's changed you in any way? 
VP: The rumors are true, I actually just came back from honeymoon. I married my best friend, so I wouldn't say it's changed me, but definitely strengthened me as he has been there for me since the beginning supporting me every step of the way in my dreams.

DBB: That's really great! Now, You'll be performing in Fort Lauderdale November 23 and again, I see, on December 7. Can you tell us more about those upcoming gigs? 
VP: Yes I have two shows coming up, November 23rd at The Manor, and the Ramrod bar on December 7th and we're currently preparing for those shows. 

DBB: Where did you grow up? Tell us a little about your childhood and adolescence. 
VP: I grew up in a small town on a farm in Argentina, I had a wonderful childhood with loving parents, my father in particular instilled a lot of good qualities in me and raised me to always pursue my goals and dreams in life and I will always be grateful to him for that! I was never the most popular kid, I was overweight and got bullied a lot, before that word even existed, so I took it because it seemed normal at the time. In the end it made me stronger and I was just like any other normal person, with dreams and I worked hard to realize them 

DBB:  How might you relate modeling to the dance music scene? 
VP:  Each relates to the other in the sense of being an art of motion in different phases, both having a creative release of bodily expression and emotions.

DBB: How would you most like to reach out to the LGBT club community worldwide? What do you say to injustices here and abroad, particularly in Russia? 
VP: I want to communicate to everyone on a level field and not distance myself from any one in the LGBT community. I just want to be clear that no matter how you feel or what you believe in, it's ok to express yourself positively. I normally don't like to talk about religion or politics, but the situation in Russia is disgusting and sad. I was already speaking out freely against Russian politics when they incarcerated Pussy Riot. Putin is like Hitler and he is taking the country backwards instead of forward. You cannot cover the sun with one finger 

DBB: I love the way you put that! Do you have any upcoming gigs you'd like to keep us informed about? Anything planned for NYC in the near future? 
VP: I was in NY last month when I got married there, so it's very close in my heart. I'm currently recording and will keep everyone up to date in the progress and my future plans.

DBB: Victor, thanks so much for this interview. We very much look forward to seeing you perform.
VP: I thank you very much, I enjoyed having this opportunity to share my story with your NY listeners. I look forward to being back in NY in the near future and lets "Shake It"!

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